Thursday, July 14, 2011

187: heart full of napalm

Just some neon leopard nails this week :)
Freehanded with a toothpick. Damn, I really need some striper brushes.

paws up!

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  1. Love them. I can't handle long nails, so I always have less canvas to paint on! :P

  2. wow!!! sooo skillful!!! with a tooothpick TOO!! =O watttt!!! that's amazing!!.. it seriously look like you did it at a salon or you stuck on one of those nail stickers!! s2


  3. Hey syl!.. I just had time to look n reply my comments n I just realized that it was you omgg thank u so much for joining my site! I feel so honored ^^ hehe

    Btw.. I totally agree with u on AYCE sushi.. I always go for that instead of a la carte but I've never tried GUU that's why I really wanted to go specially with the the hype around it lol but I don't think I would go again too pricy!!.. Anyways do u know any yummy AYCE sushi places around? I'm always on the look out for the best .. Loving Nagoya so far :)

  4. Hot!
    Love the friendship bracelet in the post below. I remember those from my school days. So pretty and so colourful!


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