Thursday, July 21, 2011

191: extreme heat alert

Photos from a parcel delivery bike ride =)

Cut-out tee from Sirens

Snakeskin bandeau from Stitches

Tie-dye bike shorts from Stitches

Just pumping some tires

Now onto the topic of the day if you live in Toronto or in the GTA; you've probably been hearing, on the radio, and seeing, on the news, all the complaints about this incredibly hot weather!
I don't want to complain because winter will be back before we know it and the snow will make this heat seem a lot more tolerable! BUT we're so so so fortunate to have air conditioning!
I was able to soak up some of the record breaking weather during lunch hour as I munched on some leftovers at our patio table. However, I was able to escape the heat soon after.

To put into perspective how hot it actually is today (Pearson Airport would be our closest reference point):

"...for those planning to attend the Blue Jays game at Toronto's Rogers Centre Thursday, officals say the dome roof will be closed and the air conditioning turned on. This is the first time ever that the dome has been closed due to extreme heat." - The Weather Network
"The forecast temperature for Toronto is 38°C, feeling like 49. To put that number into perspective, the hottest day ever recorded at Pearson Airport was 38.3°C on Aug. 25, 1948, so there's the potential to beat that" says Elena Lappo at The Weather Network

Wow! Stay hydrated everyone!
I know we have readers all over the world, what's the temperature like where you live?

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  1. Stay cool!! I really love those tops. Olivia wore something similar on Jerseylicious, so cute :)

  2. I know it might seem strange for the country were you live, but here's in Italy this kind of heat is quite normal!
    I went in Florence last week during one of the most hot weekend so far and there were 41°C, not to mention the damnnn humidity! Now it's a bit less hot, at least in the morning and during the night, so I enjoy summer now <3
    Stay hydrated too, girls! :D
    ps: I love your biker shorts, Sam!

  3. Temperature for today in Philadelphia: Hell with a 100 % chance of sunshine. You look cute! Love the top.

  4. Whoa. And to think that us folks on the equator feel that the weather is really bad. I'm from Singapore and it's usually 33 to 34ÂșC max in the day, if I'm not wrong.


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