Saturday, July 30, 2011

198: fast eddie's

I haven't planned much this long weekend but I made a trip out to Waterloo, Ontario today and I'm so guilty of going on a little shopping trip. I bought some great things that I'm sure I will blog about in the near future. But during my shopping trip I was very surprised by the fact that I ran into Katrina of thedemuremuse! Katrina if you are reading this, I know it was brief but it was great to see you again!!

On the way from Waterloo, I made a stop at Fast Eddie's in Cambridge, Ontario. If you've never been to one; it's a drive-thru, or walk-thru only, burger place. I've never really been a fan of drive-thrus because there aren't many of those types of restaurants around here. I really prefer to walk in to pick up my food and if I want to eat at home, I do. But Fast Eddie's is the type of place where you go to pick up your food and then park your car to eat in it.

I had a great experience and I will definitely return when I go back out west =)

My chicken burger, it was very hot

Fast Eddie's has what they call "CrazyFrys". mmm, they were good!

Hey you Canadians, what are your plans for the Civic long weekend? (although I just found out that It is not a statutory holiday in Manitoba)

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