Tuesday, January 4, 2011

004: venus in furs

Today was yet another day of bustling around town & it's getting tiring. Not like, physically tiring but more repetitive. I'm actually feeling like I want to get down to working tonight, so I'm doing this blog post a little bit early! Hopefully tonight, Sam & I will work on a custom order & be creating new accessories too. I managed to take some photos of leggings today and edit them for the site, so they will be up by tonight :)

I notice that sometimes Sam & I will unintentionally wear similar or complimentary outfits. When we both had long hair and similar glasses, we would get strangers coming up to us with huge smiles on their faces saying "ARE YOU GUYS TWINS?!". Like, if we answered yes it would make their day or something... I think they were just deceived by the glasses. When we were way younger (like, when I was 7 & Sam was 3) I used to hate when my mom would dress us alike & tell Sam not to copy me. Obviously I was trying to be my own unique person but Sam said that I was just a huge meanie :(. Anyways, the point is, we used to dress alike & I hated it, but now we will both buy the same things in different colours because our tastes are so similar. It's just really unfortunate that we don't share a shoe size :(

So we both ended up with a little faux fur element in our outfits today...


a pretty basic outfit made uber-lush with a faux fur stole that I just cut from some of our monster furs.
bodysuit from ub, black bamboo mini skirt from lipglossandblack.com, sheer maroon leggings, pixie wedge booties by jeffrey campbell.

black rosette necklace from lipglossandblack.com

Anyways, I'm going to let Sam finish this blog post. But before I do, I just wanted to apologize about the huge inconsistency in the styles of our photos! We just happened to set up our "photo studio" (aka a huge muslin sheet draped up & our curtains open for sunlight) for some product photos so we decided to shoot our outfits on the white today. I'm thinking my favourite style though is outdoors, when weather permits.

Okay, I'll let Sam take over now!


Hey everyone, Happy New Year!! I know that I've been absent from this blog for a while so this year is my big chance to blog with Syl daily. This is only day 4 of 365 days! Well, I'm quite exhausted from shopping for the past 3 days but I'm quite happy with all my purchases! I can't wait to share them...eventually haha

I was in a bit of a rush to throw on this outfit but I'm wearing a Gathered sleeve all-over printed bow shirt from Bluenotes & Bandage Leggings from Lipgloss & Black - They sure got me a lot of stares at the mall today! :)

Aldo purse (my new fav purse), H&M faux fur tail (I love this thing), & XXI gold leopard ring

Jack Skellington bat necklace from Hot Topic

Faux leather studded heels from Rue21.

Until tomorrow! xoxo

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