Monday, January 24, 2011

024: tutorial - tuque to turban

I've been getting a lot of questions about where I got one of my "turbans" that I'm wearing in a photo I have on facebook. I really just wrapped a huge scarf on my head & went about my business, but if you guys are into turbans & turbands as much as I am, I'll show you a quick way to modify a tuque!

my ombre floppy tuque. cute but I've got too many of these.

take a piece of elastic and stretch it out to the MAXIMUM & cut about the length of the whole hat.

flip your hat inside out & pin the elastic to the center of the front... pin at the bottom point & at the top.

sew the strip of elastic on the wrong side of the toque.
STRETCH the elastic to the max while sewing.

now the inside of the tuque should look like this!

flip it back right side out & it should be gathered nicely along the front

ta-da! my tuque was quite deep, so I just fold in a couple of inches so it's tucked up in my hat when I wear it. It's warmer that way too :)

Try it out! Make those floppy toques way more stylish! These look so great with a big brooch on the front too :) & you can remove the single strip of elastic if you ever get sick of it.


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