Monday, January 10, 2011

010: product shoots

I guess this is one of those "day-in-the-life of an online seller" days, where we'll write about the disappointingly dull things we do as "work".

As the designers, seamstresses, models, photographers, web masters and bosses up in L&B, we've got a long process of getting a product from a sketch to a ready-to-buy item on our webstore. Because the whole assembly line has to be completed by only the two of us, we've got days where we just focus on one of the steps. Today was a photoshoot day.

When we've got a bunch of clothes ready to be sold, we pile them up and devote a day to shooting and editing. Since I just brought back a whole slew of items from Periwinkle, we had a whole pile for us to get through. Today we shot Samantha in about half the pile of clothes, while I stayed in my polka dotted housecoat... and tomorrow will be opposite day & I'll get to be dolled up while Sam is behind the lens. It's just easier than spending the time having both of us get ready for a shoot.

sam's takin care of business.

I say we're pretty lucky that there are two of us to do this together. I know a lot of other sellers rely on their self timers & remotes, but we just use each other :). It also helps cause we're constantly making fun of each other and laughing throughout!

the only part of me that was picture-worthy today. haha

So I'm getting started on photo-editing tonight (so painfully repetitive, even with batch actions set up) and hopefully we'll have some of our new items in store soon. A LOT of them will be on sale at clearance prices!



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