Sunday, January 23, 2011

022: tutorial - cut out shoulder shirt

The long Canadian winters always have me wishing for spring & summer the entire time. Lately, there have been a million articles popping up about SS11 trends making me anticipate the warm weather even more! I've been seeing the return of the button-up shirt in so many variations, so I wanted to DIY one of my faves.

The shoulder cut-out is back in & I, for one, am celebrating it's return. I remember when Sam & I were younger, we were always supposed to wear our "party dresses" for birthday parties & picture days. I LOVED it & I especially loved my 80's dresses with their bubble hems & shoulder cut-outs! Even at the age of 7, I knew that the little peek-a-boo detail made me feel so cool.

For the past year or so, I've been wearing so many oversized shirts that are (fashionably) shapeless, and I've been so obsessed with the strong shoulder look too. So it's so funny because now I'm itching to start wearing collared shirts for their tailored forms! ... and I'm choosing to show you how to do a shoulder cut-out, which I'd say MUST be the complete opposite of an exagerrated shoulder, right?

before & after:

WARNING: This tutorial may not even need to exist. It's so simple that I may not even need to explain it, but for those who asked for more tutorials, this is for yoooou. ♥

Things you'll need:
- Collared Shirt
- Chalk
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine

Lay your shirt out flat & use your chalk to draw out how big your cutouts will be. You can choose to show lots of skin like me... or not. And just try it on and see if the chalk lines sit where you like... if not, draw it again!

Cut out the shoulder holes! Don't be nervous!

You can do a rolled hem or you can serge (or zigzag) the edges & then topstitch it down. Do it however you want. You're an adult. lol

& then bam!

let's not be too sexy. button dem buttons ALLL the way up. I've been LOVING that look :)

I should have ironed it. ah well.

I hope to pair this top up with a bit better of an outfit sometime in the next few weeks, as this skirt was just what I happened to be wearing to work earlier today. We'll see how versatile this piece turns out to be :) Do you guys reconstruct your own wardrobe sometimes? Will you think about trying this tutorial out? This is an awesome project for those massive denim button ups too!


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  1. This is super hot! Your top looks great with the 3/4 sleeve. You give me hope! I hate what I see on the racks at the department store, but I love what I am seeing lots of possibilities between what I have now and a few nice thrift store finds!


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