Wednesday, January 5, 2011

005: red and white

As some of you may know, tonight is a big Hockey night in Canada. World Juniors Hockey Championship final for gold! Syl is off at Turtle Jacks watching the game with some friends which leaves me to write up my first blogpost of the year. I'm currently watching the game and it's the second intermission and Canada is leading Russia 3-0. Like many people we don't have TSN so we're left to stream online. I had the greatest struggle trying to find a way to watch the game. Desperate times! First I tried to stream through to the tv, fail. Then I watched it on my iPod, too small. Laptop, lagged 3 seconds before the first goal and we missed it! Finally we're watching with a laptop plugged into the tv. haha it had no audio for a couple of minutes but it was sorted out eventually. was the first day this year that I stayed away from the malls. That's terrible...anyways on to our Canadian pride outfits that we photographed in the great outdoors. *shivers* I'm going to type this so fast before the intermission is over!


Syl's wearing a Hudson's Bay Company Vancouver 2010 Olympic Wool Cowichan Sweater, pleather shorts, maroon leggings and her new favourite pixie wedge booties by jeffrey campbell.

UO leaf hairband

Back details


I'm wearing a Hudson's Bay Company Vancouver 2010 Olympic Soft Shell Jacket, Overly slashed leggings from Sirens, and MukLuks from The Shoe Company

Jacket Details

Hazelnut MukLuks from The Shoe Company

AHH! 3rd period! I'm off to watch the rest of the game! GO CANADA!

Update: it is 10pm EST and we just lost 5-3. 5 unanswered goals in the last 20 minutes. So sad but it's alright boys


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  1. girl! I am so jealous you got that 2010 Olympics lamb wool sweater! I WANT IT but they don't sell/make it anymore. I should have gotten it then. Boo! Aside from that, I love your outfits!!!


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