Friday, January 7, 2011

007: minnie mode

Syl did the blog post yesterday which makes today my day for posting. It won't be anything as exciting as her glasses timeline but it's just a simple outfit post again. Like Syl said I do plan on doing a glasses post as well but will possibly include sunglasses.

It snowed quite a bit yesterday, it caused really bad traffic around here but the snow plows cleared up the streets in the city by this morning. Although, the salt all over the roadways and parking lots really don't help my maintenance of my poor black Emus. I had to rely on my Sorels to keep my feet cozy. I didn't do much today, just a few errands and a bit of shopping of course =) So this was my outfit out:

I was freezing..I think that the wind chill was -14 celsius. I'm wearing a Wool blend jacket from Urban Behaviour, Puff sleeved cardigan from Stitches, Minnie Muse tee from XXI, Aldo colourblock leggings (not the best choice for the Winter), argyle socks from the dollar store, & Sorel Boots

XXI Minnie Muse Tee

One of my favourite winter hats from Stitches

Cross ring from Lipgloss & Black, XXI armadillo ring.
Don't mind my dry Winter hands. =\

btw Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Atlanta Thrashers and win 9-3? Greatest.
Happy Weekend everyone!


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  1. Just so you girls know, I love the random hockey tidbits :] (also, the Thrashers suck. bahahaha)

  2. AHAHA, yeah they struggle

    But so do the leafs </3

  3. AHAHA, yeah they struggle

    But so do the leafs </3


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