Wednesday, January 26, 2011

026: cross your legs

So this is my first post since day 21. Holy smokes, WOOLCOME back Sam!
ahah, Syl's been so useful with her not so much. I'm not very good with tutorials, I don't know if I'd be a very good teacher. I've done tutoring and all but who knows if the students walked away confused. =\

Anyways, while Syl was busy playing teacher...I was busy drafting & sewing =)
Good times eh? I think so because I'm pretty happy with the result! I've been wanting to make some leggings with neat panels and colourblocks lately. It's like I just dream of them all the time. Sad. So yeah, I was wondering what would look cute but I didn't want anything too boring or over the top. So I thought that since we're on that whole cross obsession...why not make leggings that look like you just have a big cross on your legs? I was able to start these last night as I listened to the Toronto Maple Leafs lose another game. Then I added the elastic waistband this morning, had Syl help me out with pictures, and I have them posted up for sale!! I thought of several different looks but this is ONE that I really liked. I might try out my other ideas in the near future but for now I have these:

Bamboo Rayon Cross Leggings

I think they're pretty cute. It was a bit difficult for me to figure out the positioning of the cross since we don't really have Judy's/bodyforms to work on. Hello...I'm Judy! *pins fabric onto my own legs* haha anyways...I'm actually content with the positioning and they turned out just the way I was expecting them to! It has the half and half look with the horizontal line intersecting in a great spot. What do you think? Do you like them? Hate them? If any of you have interest in purchasing these amazing leggings: check out Lipgloss & Black & Lipgloss & Black's Etsy I only have one small available but I am planning on making more sizes in the future, or maybe even having them available for custom ordering.

Moving on, outfit sharing time! <3

Urban Behaviour Ruffled Tank, Urban Behaviour Chain/Fringe/Studded Vest, Cross Leggings by Lipgloss & Black, Jeffrey Campbell's Raid Wedges

Syl's Turban Toque, NEW Derek Cardigan cat eye frames-they have a division sign on one side & a multiplication sign on the other! OH YEAH and equal signs on the arms! They're from Clearly Contacts and are now my favourite glasses.

Cupcake Tray necklace by Candice is amazing, check out her Etsy shop!

XXI gem ring & L&B cross ring
Have a great night everyone! xoxo

Lots of Love,

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  1. love love love that cupcake tray necklace!


  2. absolutely incredible leggings! LOVE!

  3. Aww you girls rock thank you so much for still loving the cute little cupcake necklace <3

  4. amazing leggings, great job! :D :D :D
    uh and that necklace is so lovely, I wish I could be able to do beautiful things as Candice do! But mine are so ugly I don't even wear them .__. LOL

  5. leggings are pretty awesome !!! ur blogs pretty cool, i tried to read it everyday !!! WELL DONE :)


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