Tuesday, January 25, 2011

025: if you want to destroy my sweater

I'm not sure what it is, but I have always had an appreciation for the beauty in ugliness. Of course, I can appreciate "classic beauty" or beauty that mainstream media presents to us... but I have always found the real interesting things aesthetically to be the things that were different. Kind of like when people say that the best parts of music are the silences-- the contrast is necessary.

This is a bit of a vague statement but I am basically just getting at this: I love the destroyed look. Shredded tees & now shredded knits are sooo gorgeous. I have done a few shredded tees but I wanted to give sweaters a try. I own absolutely ZERO warm clothes (funny for a canadian gal) so I picked up a new cable knit sweater.

the shorter front hem style that I love oh-so-much.

I was just wearing the sweater with the jeans that I had on... ideally though, it would look best styled with something contrasting-- like sleek leather shorts .

Try it out! Of course, I'm expecting people to tell me that I've got a pull in my sweater (likely the same people that tell me that I have runs in my stockings) but embrace the uniqueness. no one's sweater will be exactly like yours ♥


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ps, check out how I wore the sweater in this outfit!


  1. Can I request a make up tutorial? I love love love your eye look

  2. very cool. very very cool.... love your tutorials!

  3. I love how you did this, I think I'll give it a try! It's a great look!!

  4. omfg, this idea is ingenius!
    i love this blog!

  5. very cool. very very cool.... love your tutorials!


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