Monday, January 10, 2011

009: always a bridesmaid

Today I was whisked away in the morning by my friends Sue & Josh and taken to Canada's Bridal Show. S&J are best friends of myself & Matt and we have been 'with them' for as long as we've been a couple! That's about 7 years! They're getting married this October & we're in the wedding party, so I tagged along to help them out with a bit of an artistic viewpoint.

You see, I'm wedding blog obsessed. It was only a few months ago that my bff Jenn introduced me to Dave and Charlotte. I have never really looked into wedding photographers before, as I wasn't exactly expecting any weddings to be coming up. I do vaguely recall looking at some photographers' online portfolios before and always seeing them formatted in a way in which you would just see their 10-20 best photos from random events. I had never seen photographers blog about entire wedding days so you could see into every minute detail of a wedding day! We both sat at the computer looking at the gorgeous photography and were shocked at how amazingly they captured the emotions of the wedding day... Since then, I've been following a couple of wedding blogs, including Green Wedding Shoes, Rock n Roll Bride and Intimate Weddings so that I would be a helpful bridesmaid to my friends & be prepared for my big day.... some day ;)

I assisted S&J by snapping some shoddy pictures, taking flyers & saying no to some aggressive spa ladies & making them really angry at me... sheesh. & I was asked many times if I was their wedding planner. What the.. Anyhow, here are some snaps from today!

more macarons than i'll ever successfully make IN MY LIFE :(

sick cupcakes. real talk.

forcing S&J to apply for the reality tv show "Rich Bride Poor Bride". It's my jam. I hope they make it on that show (& as a result, I also make it on the show for being in the bridal party. hahaha. see my master plan? one day I'll be on some reality show. one day.)

So glad I discovered this gorgeous booth! Such a beautiful setup! Check out Mango Studios & Samo Films.
It was refreshing to see something "blog-worthy" at the show since most of the things there were overly-traditional, when we were looking for more modern and modern-rustic and earthy looks. ehh.

That's all the pics from the show! Maybe I should have taken photos of the men who were strutting down the runway in heels in a competition to win a diamond ring. That was entertaining for a bit.

A shout out to my girls Sarah & Renee, who are gonna read my blog everyday now ;) !

We met up for a bit of a catch-up! We got sushi-drunk tonight, laughed a ton & talked about everything ♥

Tomorrow should be a busy day of shooting merch for the shop, so I'm not sure if we'll get around to any outfit shots or if we'll just show you some of what's gonna be in the shop soon!



  1. I looove wedding junk! You should check out
    It's a really great resource of both wedding inspiration (and eye candy) as well as planning help, wedding/marriage discussion... the works! I'm not doing it any justice right now, but it's a fantastic site.

  2. Leja, I loved that site! thanks for sharing :) I also recently found & was soooooo ridiculously inspired. It is such a great site for lower budget weddings & also for getting your head out of the tradition-following-BS that can make your wedding so un-you. ♥

    Ren, YES! ♥


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