Tuesday, January 4, 2011

003: get outside

It seems that today was the first time this year that we remembered to photograph our outfits before it was too dark out! I love some good outdoor lighting but sometimes it's tough to get outside and snap pics when it's super cold out. Luckily it was sunny & not too much below 0C, so we took some quick shots before we ran a few more errands today. It seems that we're not entirely out of our holiday laziness yet & not forcing ourselves to really WORK yet... so tomorrow I hope to take a lot of product photos so we can post new merchandise online & I also plan on making some new accessories that I have had sketched out for months now. &hopefully since it's in writing, I'll actually do it!


Today's outfit is one that I wear really often... like, TOO often. So I guess it stops today now that I'm recording my daily outfits, lol. In my mind, it's just a good combination of casual & girly. I always pair my little heather sweatshirt with my AA microfibre highwaist skirt & a bow belt. Paired with my leather motojacket, I just feel dressed up without looking like I'm trying too hard. haha

my favourite salt & pepper coloured knit toque. with one silver stud I added :)
It's a must because I'm tryyyyying to grow out my hair right now. I predict it will be disastrous and I might give up and shave it again soon.

layered thigh-high socks over ripped grey sheer pantyhose.
my pantyhose rarely lasts past a wear or two before I tear them (likely the cause of my long nails & over-accessorizing always catching on them). So I've been rolling with the punches & just wearing all my super ripped stockings, hoping that I'm pulling off the "destroyed look"!

we were unfortch in a rush to run out & didn't get all of sam's shots done outside. SO HACK. I'M SORRY WORLD.

Sam in her Urban Behaviour cream tee, Random slashed leggings from Lipgloss & Black, Looong drapey crochet cardigan from Stitched & Black Emu boots! Does she love holes in her clothes, or what?!

XXI ring, Urban Behaviour Cream tee, Cardigan from Stitches.

cute deets on the tee :)

Alright, THREE days of blogging in a row. REAL TALK, I'm making Sam do the next couple ;)


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  1. i love your daily posts and hope you keep it up for the year!

  2. awwww hangofthursdays <3
    thanks! we're gonna tryyyy! xo

  3. i love your daily posts and hope you keep it up for the year!


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