Tuesday, January 11, 2011

011: 01-11-11


Post #11 on the 11th day of the 2011th year...and 1st month.
I hope that everyone is doing well...I'm not doing the greatest. I'm feeling under the weather and it's really not fun. I didn't do much but wake up, eat breakfast, sleep, wake up, eat lunch sleep, wake up, eat dinner, then blog. Good times eh?!

Well, since today was a major write off I'm going to write about shoes.
Haha..not just any shoes but my favourite shoes for the past 9 years of my life. Converse Chuck Taylors anyone?
I just thought that I would snap some quick photos of my collection to share. It's really really ridiculous because my size is US size 4 in men's and my collection consists of sizes ranging from 4-5.5
Yeah...desperate times I suppose?
I'm running out of storage room so I've really been thinking about selling my collection of plain canvas chucks lately. I'm not sure if I'll make much money off of them but it may just be better than sitting in storage. Hmph!

First Row (R to L): Maroon low cuts - signed by Our Lady Peace & Sum 41, Cherry Red high tops, Poppy Red low cuts, Pink low cuts, high tops, Neon Orange low cuts. Second Row: Black Leather high tops, Black high tops - my FIRST pair!, Purple high tops, Blue low cuts, Green high tops, Mustard Yellow high tops. Bottom Row (Specialty Chucks): Crossword high tops, Skull high tops, Egg & Bacon high tops, Leather & Wool extra high tops, Rainbow lined extra high tops

Close up of the dirtiness

IDK about the random laces..haha

I love these! I have yet to attempt the Crosswords! The clues are on the inside

These were Syl's but she gave them to me =)

Birthday Present <3 Eggs & Bacon! The lining is printed with "AWESOME BREAKFAST!"

Amazing Autumn shoes...Winter, not so much. They're very warm: Leather with Wool lining. I had to coat these in tons of Leather protector spray. I love the braided laces

These are my babies from Paris, France. I've worn them around France, Italy, India, Thailand, and of course Canada. They're my absolute favourites - no doubt <3

Do you have any favourite Brands or types of shoes? =)


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