Sunday, January 30, 2011

029: oh nuts.

Today I went to work & packed my bag with my DSLR camera, an extra lens, a speedlite flash, extra aa batteries and a quick charger for the batteries. Pretty heavy load... the moment I turned my camera on to take a picture of my outfit-- NO CARD. Major case of FML.

Do you ever do silly things like that? I always end up leaving my SD card inserted in my laptop & I never realize until it's too late! BOO.

So at work today I just snapped some random pictures with a webcam.

my new glasses from arrived B-)

and I tried on this funny necklace I found in the shop!
It's a gold chain finished with... TWO NUTS. WHAT?! insanity.
by marolsha

I'm a bit slow on this trend, I guess, but I've been obsessed with button-up shirts buttoned ALL the way up. It's just so preppy & compleeeeetely the opposite of how I've dressed my whole life. I've always worn the tightest possible, lowest possible necklines. I even went to a catholic uniform high school & always got in trouble for having too many buttons undone on my white dress-shirt (revealing brightly coloured tanks underneath). So I'm not sure what attracts me to it-- maybe just the fact that I've never worn things like this before. I'm hoping that this year I'll finally step outside of my 'box' and try to expand my wardrobe in a different direction.

I think that tomorrow I might be doing some Chinese New Year baking at home, but I might throw on this entire outfit again just so I can snap some shots of it. Do you guys ever do that? When you know you'll be seeing different people, so you wear the exact same outfit a second time? LOL, I suppose I'm letting the cat out of the bag by posting this. OH WELL.



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