Sunday, January 16, 2011

015: with a little help from my friends

Today was another day at work at Periwinkle & I was lucky to have a special visitor. You might recognize my adorable friend Rachel from our L&B Lookbook photoshoot, as she was one of our amazing models.

look at us in our nerdy glasses ;) ... I shoulda popped out my septum retainer so that we'd be matching! Rachel grabbed a few pieces that she ordered from us & we had an awesome time chatting about modeling, hot topic & serial killers. aahahha.

today's outfit:

this dress is forever wrinkly & forever static-y. frick.

too much syl. too tired to write anymore. i'll be sure that sam does the blogging tomorrow! ♥


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PS, remember the photographer we worked with on the L&B Lookbook photoshoot? Carrie Jade asked us to create a few outfits that she had in mind for a shoot, so we very willingly obliged! She's got a special project in the works, so hopefully in the next few weeks we can share some more of her art with you. This sneak peek will have to do for now... the pic that Carrie Jade tweeted:


  1. where did you get that fabulous hair band you're wearing? it looks absolutely fabulous =D

  2. i love your dress and man, it sucks that it's such a pain in the rear. really? forever static-y? i can't imagine what it would be like to have to sit down and get up, trying to uncling he dress from your legs every. single. time. haha!

    i'm excited to see what Carrie Jade has planned. i think that's a cage skirt i see peeking out on the racks!!

  3. Julia, it's just a skull scarf tied on in a turband style :) There are lots of tutorials online for how to tie certain scarves, maybe I'll make one too though ;)

    Katrina, THANKS! It's appropriate in the summer, when you're well-moisturized & there are no wooly layers & scarves to make MORE static cling... but I have trouble staying out of my summer wardrobe in the winter, haha. Rubbing a dryer sheet on the inside of the dress helps a little though!... maybe I should just tape some to my legs. LOL.
    YES! It's a cage skirt! She texted me some photos & I'm so excited to share them when she's done. She might blog them first though-- :)

  4. where did you get that fabulous hair band you're wearing? it looks absolutely fabulous =D


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