Tuesday, January 18, 2011

018: shop the closet

I have been dying to go out thrift shopping, since it's been a while & I had a few things that I have in mind to hunt for. Thrifting is always hit or miss & really depends on how 'in the mood' we are for the mission but in general I was hoping to find these things:
- any shirt with a peter pan collar
- an oversized black chiffon button up
- just anyyyy cute button up shirts that I can wear buttoned all the way up

The good thing about being able to sew is that we can often buy clothes without trying them on, knowing that we can alter them if we need to. We can also completely reconstruct anything in our closets that we get bored of... the thing is-- when you sew a lot for your business, your personal sewing projects are always on the back burner. So, Sam happened to be doing a major closet cleanup and she usually asks what I want to take before she puts things in a "donate" and a "reconstruct" pile.

I found the cutest button up top that was see through AND had a peter pan collar. Total gem that I'd never even seen Sam wear before.

| hat from H&M | sunglasses from lipglossandblack.com | shirt from sam's closet :) | necklace from aldo | leather motojacket from ub | skirt made by me | tights (i never know)? | patent oxfords thrifted |

a pussy bow (lol)

falling over like a graceful lady.

my sage plant. frozen outside but still green! hm.

[photos taken with the 50mm lens today :)
excuse the streaks on the photos-- it was raining (freezing rain!) while we were outside]

As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure".
Isn't it funny how you can have something sit in your closet and just completely hate it for the memories of when you wore it, or how you think you look bad in it? I think I probably only wear about 40% of my current wardrobe because of that! I'm planning a major closet cleanup soon as well, so we'll see what I end up passing to Sam or reconstructing :). How often do you clean out your closet? Under what conditions do you decide to throw out or donate your clothes? (for example, Sam is only tossing items that are linty/pilly and the rest, we are keeping for the fabric to reconstruct). Who's closet do you raid for new clothes? Or do you share clothes on a regular basis with siblings or friends?


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  1. That would be the most awesome thing about having a sister who is a similar size and likes similar clothes! I just donate my old stuff to charity, because none of my friends are the same size as me, and we all have very different styles.

  2. I promise to get to your request about the list of allergies vs reactions, but you have to promise me that you don't think I'm a huge weirdo after that post. There are a ton of things I'm allergic to, plus a handful of other things I just refuse to eat because I'm picky. Moral of the story: I only eat chicken (jk... kind of).

    As for the closet cleaning: I thoroughly go through my closets every 4 months. This usually happens right before I move since I'm forced to pack my life into 2 suitcases and I just have way too much crap to fit in 2 suitcases. I definitely have a stash of clothes for reconstruction purposes, but let's be honest. I haven't reconstructed anything since November 2010 and the pile keeps growing. oops!

    It's hard for me to find people to give my clothes to because I'm such an awkward build. I'll usually offer up my shirts to my roommates, but with pants, I just toss them in the donation bins.

  3. Swap partys are a great chance for me to clean out my wardrobe and get together with friends =D
    and I have a lot of clothes... two closets full to the brim! and I only wear about 10-20%... plus, usually I decide to sew something last minute, because I never find something suitable to wear XD

  4. Stacey, it's funny cause Sam & I hardly share clothes on a regular basis-- only when we're tossing them, haha. But yeah, hardly any of my friends dress as... strangely(?) as I do, so even when we lived together, we would only borrow each others tops when we'd go out.

    Katrina, ahahaha I am seriously interested though. No matter how strange! No one else wanted to know anything... so this was my chance! I can't wait!
    You're lucky that you're been narrowing down your wardrobe every few months! The last time I cleaned mine was probably the last time I moved too! Probably why my closet is filled with duds :(

    Julia, do you guys really have swap parties?! That is so fun! & HOW DO YOU HAVE 2 CLOSETS? I would love to have more storage-- so I could keep things foreverrrrr until they'd come back in style 2 decades later! hahah

  5. There should be more swap meets in Toronto. I feel like there are, but there should be ones I am aware of LOL. What a lovely way to trade clothes! Sam's blouse-- well, now yours!-- is so adorable. WHAT A PERFECT FIND. I can't get over how some people can find real gems while thrifting. The only thing I ever really find are long skirts which I convert into dresses ahahah.

    How often do I clean out my closet? Never. Then my mom threatens to throw everything away and I attempt to. Still haven't really thrown anything out yet though. Oh gooooooosh.

  6. believe me or not, two closets aren't nearly enough -.-

    I also started a weekly upcycling last year where I tried to redesign unloved objects in my wardrobe, but I failed. One outfit every week was somehow too much with everything else going on :/
    but I'm thinking about giving it another try ^^

  7. Excuse me Sylvia.
    I have worn that blouse ONCE.
    BUT you've never seen it because I wore it for my Birthday that you missed.



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